Welcome to the Dar al-Hijrah Matrimonial Service

As we, Muslims, know, marriage in Islam is one of the most serious institutions that Islam cares a lot for. There is a lot of text both in the holy Quran and in the prophetic traditions related to marriage. Islam sets rules for all relevant issues with relationship to engagement (Khetbah), marriage contract, wedding, children rearing, rights and responsibilities inside the marriage institution, divorce, custody, breastfeeding, etc. As such a Muslim must always take the marriage for the serious institution it is in Islam.

This service, therefore, is made exclusively for the purpose of giving access to accurate information to serious candidates interested in getting married to eligible Muslims. To be clear, this is not a dating service. We expect every participant to be sure to present and furnish nothing but accurate information as they use this service. Accurate information means complete, full and unambiguous information.

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The DAH Matrimonial Service

This service is offered through a database of information that is entered by the candidates themselves and maintained by the service administrator. Candidates must follow the following steps:

  • Sisters must choose an eligible guardian to help them through this process, preferably their father, uncle, brother, etc, if not available, a community elder.
  • Open the website and register a username and a private password.
  • The system will issue you a specific automatic records’ ID number.
  • Use this Record ID number, plus your username and password to log in.
  • Scan and upload a PDF format of you clear government issued picture ID, with clear legible information.
  • Sisters must submit their guardian’s ID in the same fashion.
  • Start filling out the form and follow all the instructions thereof.
  • Personal information fields must be filled out completely and accurately.
  • Make sure that your information is always updated with any change in any item of your information. This will ensure that the service is done the way it is supposed to. You can always go back to the records and update it as you wish, just log in and do it.
Only your Profile information will be available to all visitors and participants. Your personal and contact information will be kept in the background of your record, until such time as you find a party that interests you.

Interested in someone’s profile? Take the following steps:

Once you find someone that interests you as a candidate, do the following:

  • Click the last button on your record page where it says: "Express interest in this member"
  • You will be prompted to click the confirmation button. Once you clicked the confirmation button, your entire record, including your personal information, profile, preferences, etc. will be sent to that particular candidate’s email address available to the system.
  • The recipient of your record will be able to see your entire record and contact you within a limited period of no more than two weeks.
During such period, both your entire records will be taken to the background of the system until you both have decided one way or the other and reported to the system administrator your current status. This will prevent anyone from tying others or engaging more than one person through our system.